Anna  Olasik

Sworn  Translator  of  English  and  French


  • translation (ordinary and certified translations):
    • from English/French into Polish
    • from Polish into English/French
    • from English into French and vice versa
  • interpreting at the notary's office and during business meetings

Verbatim et litteratim


  • Over 20 years of professional experience: head of the translation department and translator/interpreter at the international law firm White&Case and, subsequently, a freelance translator/interpreter.
  • Cooperation with top law firms and corporations, including BCGL, BSJP, Dentons Europe Dąbrowski i Wspólnicy, Dubiński Jeleński Masiarz i Wspólnicy, DWF Poland, Grabalski Kempiński i Wspólnicy, JKR Legal, Kłoda Toczko, Krynicki Dajczer Kamiński Heromiński, Kubas Kos Gałkowski, MDDP Olkiewicz i Wspólnicy, Seewald Attorneys, Snażyk Korol Mordaka, Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak, SSW Pragmatic Solutions, and Wolf Theiss Polska.
  • Translation and interpreting services in the field of, among others: corporate law, banking and finance, tax law, power sector, environmental law, real estate, labor law, competition law, IP, and pharmaceutical law.
  • Sworn translator of two languages (English and French), entered in the list of sworn translators kept by the Polish Minister of Justice under number TP/798/05.
  • Graduate of the Faculty of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw, specialty: translation/interpreting.

ul. Biały Kamień 7 lok. 20
02-593 Warszawa

+48 608 315 518